It is with great honor that I welcome you into the distinguished world of the South African Boerboel.  Like no other breed seen before, the Boerboel seems to capture all those that come across its being.  I hope you are able to find some valuable information throughout my web site, but also encourage you to continue your search.  It is my firm belief that if you bring an animal into your life, you are accountable for a lifetime of responsible companionship.

My search began in 2001 when I had settled into a part of life that would accommodate the responsibilities involved with caring for a companion.  Those that know me are aware that I tend to walk my own path, so I started looking for rare and unusual breeds that would accommodate my lifestyle.  The outdoors have always been a huge part of my life, so having a sturdy dog that could physically enjoy the great outdoors was essential.  I also did not want to deal with the possibility of debilitating injuries surrounding poorly constructed dogs as a result from the unfortunate backyard breeding practices that have all but handicapped much of the animals available today.

As was the case then as it is today, the Boerboel was relatively unknown here in the United States.  The few breeders available possessed lower quality animals than what South Africa offered, which was to be expected as the breed was undergoing a "new revival" and developing quickly in its homeland.  I continued my research and decided that it would be best to wait and see if the quality here would catch that of South Africa. 

About a year and a half later I was at a park with my Belgian Malinois, Elsa, and had by chance met Whiskey, a Boerboel import.  His dimensions were amazing!  I had kept following the progressions of the Boerboel and felt that I could no longer be a spectator of such a distinct breed.  It is quite the balancing act to advance a breed just enough to bring it out of obscurity yet not so much that it attracts the interest of those who would exploit it for commercial gain.

The Boerboel had been likened as the "second gold rush" in South Africa at one time.  It was rather challenging to find reputable breeders that I felt were representing the Boerboel's best interests, and I still question the integrity of some American counterparts.  Who I dealt with was a direct reflection of the quality of the breeder; I still have hundreds of saved emails discussing everything from the strengths and weaknesses of a particular dog, why they chose a breeding, and what their vision for the future is.

My decision to embark with Adrian Boerboels was not taken lightly.  In order to make a difference, there has to be a difference.  You will find that my principals are centered on the betterment of the breed through the fundamental teachings of my grandfather; accountability, purpose and enjoyment. 

Anyone can breed a dog, but it takes steadfast commitment to build a breed!

My development program is built on form and function, character, and health of the Boerboel in the company of an accountable breeder.

All the best,

Andy Crego.