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Adrian Arthur Ward.  "Ade" was born February 15th, 1915 and left us March 12th, 1991.

Adrian Arthur Ward.  "Ade" was born February 15th, 1915 and left us March 12th, 1991.

My grandfather was a well-respected man of society because of his stand-up character.  Ade had a habit of doing things his way because that is how they made sense to him.  He would also be the first to help others if he could, and if he could not he would offer up non-judgmental support.  It was a different time back then; he was married during the great depression with nothing more than a fishing pole to feed his family.  Ade overcame adversity in his life with the help of his loved ones and raised a vibrant family, of which I am but one proud product.  Adrian Boerboels is based on the fundamental teachings of my grandfather; accountability, purpose and enjoyment.  Enjoy life and those around you, give purpose to your being and your pursuits, and be accountable for your decisions.  After that everything else will fall into place. 


Tail docking has long been used to identify working dogs throughout different periods in history.  South Africa’s Veterinarians are fined for tail docking leaving it to the kennel to dock tails, if they wish to do so.   I personally enjoy the cosmetic look of a docked Boerboel; it is just one of the many visual distinctions of the breed that attracted me to it in the first place. However, you will notice that


It is not because I feel it is cruel to be done before 2 days old, but because it is not necessary.  A dog’s tail is a form of communication.  Through his tail you get instant gratification in knowing when he is happy, sad, alert, scared or submissive.  My respected veterinarian and many other countries except our own strongly suggest tail docking as mutilation.  Why can't we raise our level of conscience to better the breed and stop this unnecessary practice?

I have heard strange arguments why tails are docked such as so they do not bump into things in the house.  If that is a real concern and you are so stupid NOT TO MOVE VALUABLE POSSESIONS OUT OF HARMS WAY, please be sure to amputate your 2 year old toddler’s arms.  While we are at it, amputate your new teen driver’s arms because under their control they have a high probability of wrecking the car.  No arms = no driving.  Having a dog means making compromises.  If you do not want to make compromises, then do not get a dog.  I have never had any issue in or around the house because my dog’s tails.


Section 1: Preface. 

1.1. This Contract contains the entire agreement between the parties respecting the matters herein set forth and supersedes all prior discussions and agreements between the parties hereto about such matters. 

1.2. No waiver, amendment or modification of any provision contained in this Contract shall be effective unless fully set forth in writing executed by both parties. 

1.3. Any failure of either party to enforce, at any time or for any period of time, any clause under this Contract shall not be construed as a waiver of the right of that party to enforce such provisions unless said waiver is in writing, and signed by an authorized representative of by both parties. 

1.4. If any provision of this Contract shall be deemed to be unlawful or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such termination shall have no effect on the validity and enforceability of the other terms and conditions of this Contract, and the challenged term shall be deemed deleted. 


Section 2: Boerboel Placement Contract & Health Guarantee. 

2.1.  The following written agreement is knowingly entered into, as evidenced by the signatures, in consideration of the purchase/placement of one purebred South African Boerboel dog from the development program of the above kennel to the buyer listed below: 


Buyer’s Name:

Buyer’s Physical Address: 

Buyer’s Mailing Address (if different from above):

Buyer’s Home Phone:                                                  Cell Phone: 

This dog was born on: 

Sex:                     Color:  

Sire:                    Color:  

Dam:                   Color:  

Deposit:             Received on (dd/m/yr): .  

Purchase Price:  

( Spay / Neuter ) Refund Amount:


Section 3: Adrian Boerboel’s Guarantee. 

3.1.  This dog has been seen by Adrian Boerboel’s licensed Veterinarian on the following dates and received:                     . 

3.2.  This Boerboel has been implanted with a Petwatch microchip # by Adrian Boerboel’s licensed Veterinarian on (dd/m/yr).               . 

3.3.  Adrian Boerboel warrants that this dog is in excellent health at the time of (pick-up / delivery) or has acknowledged to the buyer that...                . 

3.4.  If this dog is found by the buyer’s licensed Veterinarian of choice to have a previously undiagnosed medical problem within 2 ( two ) business days of ( pick-up / delivery ), and a written report by the attending Veterinarian is sent to Adrian Boerboel by the buyer within 5 (five) business days following that diagnosis, Adrian Boerboel will: exchange this dog for a new one of the same litter if available with the expense of shipping cost provided by the buyer OR will reimburse 50% of the licensed Veterinary cost not to exceed one half of the purchase price of this dog with accompanying Veterinary receipts OR give a full refund of purchase price with the shipping cost provided by buyer. 


Section 4: Adrian Boerboel Does Not Guarantee. 

4.1.  Adrian Boerboel or its acting agents do not guarantee the health, ultimate size, weight, or mental aptitude other than to provide the buyer with as accurate a genetic disposition towards these traits as possible. 


Section 5: Buyer’s Responsibility. 

5.1.  The buyer has 2 ( two ) business days after (pick-up / delivery) of this dog to obtain a health exam from a licensed Veterinarian of the buyer’s choice; at their own expense. If this dog is found to be unhealthy at that exam, the buyer must notify Adrian Boerboel of same verbally or by e-mail within 24 hours and provide a written statement from the attending Veterinarian within 5 (five) business days detailing the specifics of the noted health problem after the Veterinary diagnosis is made. 

5.2.  The buyer agrees to maintain all routine preventative vaccinations or titiers on this dog in accordance to local/state/federal guidelines which may including, but not limited to: Rabies / Distemper / Parvo / Bordatella/ Intestinal Parasites and emergency medical care for this dog in a timely manner throughout its life and maintain current records that must be submitted/released upon written request by Adrian Boerboel. 

5.3.  The buyer agrees to provide a premium food appropriate for large breeds with fresh, accessible water and maintain a healthy weight throughout the life of this dog. Special care should be taken on prohibiting higher protein foods greater than 24% while this dog is developing structurally. 

5.4.  The buyer agrees to provide proper exercise that minimizes impact in any exercise or sport and assist this dog in/out of automobiles to minimize damage to the growth plates for a minimum of one year; more if growth spurts are still evident. Stairs and slippery floors should be controlled for the first year of life if at all possible. 

5.5.  The buyer agrees to provide a safe, clean, and secure area where this dog can relieve itself, play, and be a dog when not under the watchful eye of the buyer. At no time will this dog be allowed to roam off the property! 

5.6.  The buyer further agrees to provide appropriate socialization and/or positive training methods for the life of this dog and keep records where appropriate.  At no time shall a choke/ prong collar or the like be used in any manner nor any other abusive technique. 


Section 6: The Buyer Specifically Warrants. 

6.1.  A violation of any clause in this section will constitute a breach of contract and the buyer forfeits possession of this dog and its purchase price along with ( spay / neuter ) deposit amount; in addition to being responsible for any additional costs accrued in the repossession of this dog to Adrian Boerboel’s possession or any acting agent of Adrian Boerboel. In such an event, reasonable attorney's fees may be sought with the legal venue to remain in Aitkin County, Minnesota. 

6.2.  This dog will be raised in the controlled environment of a home with active companionship and may be crated in the home only when no-one is at home or when the buyer is sleeping and is unable to provide adequate supervision. It is expected that this dog should not need to be crated at all after the age of 6 months. 

6.3.  The buyer agrees to provide written proof by attending licensed Veterinarian to Adrian Boerboel that this dog has been ( spayed / neutered ) no earlier than 8 months of age and no later than ... months of age in order to receive said refund of ... 

6.4.  This dog will never have any physical / structural transformations such as tail docking, ear cropping, and dew claw removal. If an emergency situation should arise, best judgment practices should prevail.  

6.5.  This dog will never be transported in the back of a unsecured vehicle such as, but not limited to a pickup truck or bed, topless jeep, or convertible. A leash secured to this dog and any part of said vehicle is not secure! Assumed area must be enclosed on all sides including the roof with proper ventilation and weather protection. 

6.6.  This dog will never be transferred, relocated, or sold without first obtaining written permission from Adrian Boerboel. Adrian Boerboel or any acting agent on Adrian Boerboel’s behalf maintain first right of recovery, free of charge, of this dog and all relevant registrations if this dog is not to remain physically with the original buyer. 

6.7.  The Buyer will notify Adrian Boerboel of any changes of address or phone number within 7 days of occurrence and will maintain contact with Adrian Boerboel throughout the life of this dog. 

6.8.  This dog will never be bred or reproduce in any manner. If these actions take place the buyer will be responsible for: 

     a.  forfeiture of said ( spay / neuter ) refund if buyer has not received it yet, 

     b.  forfeiture of this dog and any accrued costs involved with the repossession of this dog             by Adrian Boerboel or any acting agent of Adrian Boerboel, 

     c.  forfeiture of any reproduced animal and/or an expense of $ 2,500 per animal to be paid           to Adrian Boerboel or any acting agent of Adrian Boerboel. 

6.9.  The buyer further warrants that this dog will never be trained, used, or in the presence of any aggressive or illegal activity of any kind, including, but not limited to, dog fighting or attack guard training nor will the buyer’s knowingly or unwittingly portray any image of this dog in any such activity or negative stereotype . 

6.10.  If this dog is confiscated by authorities due to any illegal activity, abuse, or neglect charge, or raid, the buyer forfeits ownership of this dog and will be responsible for any costs incurred in the repossession of this dog back to Adrian Boerboel. 


Section 7: Photo Release. 

7.1. ______ I give Adrian Boerboel’s permission to publish in print, electronic, or video format the likeness or image of me and/or this dog. I release all claims against Adrian Boerboel’s with respect to confidentiality rights, copyright ownership and publication including any claim for compensation related to use of the materials. 


Section 8: Signatures. 

8.1.  By signing, all parties have read and agreed to this contract in its entirety.