The character of the Boerboel is one of most appealing attributes of the breed.  The South Africans describe the Boerboel as one of the only breeds developed for guarding.  That is to say, it has a stronger fight than flight instinct.  In the pioneer lifestyle where the Boerboel was developed and utilized, its physical statue demanded that it be strong enough to confront unknown dangers and agile enough for daily farming activities.  The Boerboel was also responsible for safeguarding every member of the family.  You will find that when there are women and children present, the Boerboel becomes extra weary and reacts more intently.  In today's society, a dog that is left to react on their own judgment is a dog that will become a nuisance in terms of liability. Directly speaking, the dog will lose!


The Boerboel is not capable of knowing when to be a guard dog, a playmate, ambassador, or couch feature.  Through direction of acceptable behavior, you will find your Boerboel to be more reliable, but never predictable.  Think of that, never predictable…that goes for any dog breed.  As a responsible owner you must never take your dog for granted.  I am confident of my dog’s behavior in situations, but I never stop reinforcing positive behaviors.  You must set boundaries and limitations of acceptable dog behavior and acceptable family interactions.

Your dog is of flesh and blood and reacts to things differently every time.  However, if you are continually introducing your dog to situations over and over again, it will become acclimated to them and accept them as normal.  This is called habituating not socializing.  The Boerboel possesses many extraordinary qualities, but never forget it is a guard dog at heart and must have fair, consistent guidance.

The Boerboel was designed to be capable of so many things.  They truly are a dog that wants to please its owner.  It is that devotion to their owner why the Boerboel must have contact with its people in order to fully develop their characteristics.  They are absolutely the best family dogs; able to bond with each member and will give everything if asked.  They crave your acceptance allowing for ease of training without a heavy hand.  It is not rocket science! Develop clear, consistent communication and your Boerboel will award your efforts. 


Dopper Arthur  82.5%
Dob: April 17th, 2005.
PennHIP:  .31 / .31 
the average at that time was .55 making his hips tighter than approximately 100% of the group.
Personality and Character:
Arthur is a very athletic dog with great drive.  He will chase down a Frisbee and catch it in midair, something not to many 125 lbs+ dogs can do!  He is self-assured in the way that a Boerboel is meant to be; that is if someone or something challenges him or his family he will meet that challenge with full force.  An example would be if he walks by a dog and the dog growls.  His happy non-threatening trot goes into very slow, methodical, movements.  His tail goes up and you hear a very deep growl warning them that they do not want to continue.  A Boerboel does not look for trouble but they are very well equipped to end it!  Arthur came from Dopper Boerboels when he was 7 months old as part of their development program. Kobus told me of his protective nature, which is evident today.  He is not a group environment dog, he likes to play with the females and will do whatever I ask of him from playing fetch too an eager running companion.   Arthur has a flat top line, good bone with appropriate muscling; very nice head features and is agile enough to accomplish any task.  He will be used to fix potential faults and keep a solid top line.


Akira  Ajax  83.5%
Dob: October 23rd, 2005.
PennHIP:  .39 / .36
the average at that time was .54 making his hips  tighter than approximately 90% of the group.
Personality and Character:
Ajax has all the right ingredients to make him a cornerstone here at Adrian Boerboels.  It has been a long, patient journey watching him develop into the physical specimen he is today!  It has all been worth it though, and it was not just his physical development I waited for.  I spent months researching pedigrees that would help me achieve the goals I had set forth in my development program.  He and Anoka share the same wonderful father and have the same easy going personality with their family.  Ajax’s genetic background has given him a wonderful top line with dense bone structure, a beautiful wide, flat head and purposeful movement.  He is always open to meeting new people when I am with him, but shows the Boerboel character when given a guarding role.  Ajax will be used in many different areas to exploit all of his fantastic qualities in body and mind.


Afrika Rocco.
DQ topline.
Dob: February 27th, 2009.
PennHIP:  to be tested.
Personality and Character:
Rocco was a long overdue import for my program.  I waited 4 years and followed the progression of his line until I found just the right mating to bring in an outside male.  Rocco comes from Afrika Zulu III out of Johan's Piet-Zyn-Drift line.  Along the way the line has held onto a very large head, a wide, muscular chest, and an easy character.  This is still evident in Rocco's structure, but has come at a cost.  Many breeders are trying for too much size and when this happens the hind quarters do not progress as fast.  Rocco is still filling out and definitely the largest Boerboel I would want to keep in my program.  Even on his dam side, Afrika Lallie comes from a very impressive pedigree with muscular males.  Rocco is happy-go-lucky in any situation and will play with anyone willing.  My goal is to integrate the evident muscular genotype he possesses while maintaining the correct build structure my line has produced.  Together over the coming years I hope to maintain the traditional Boerboel appearance with responsible growth in density and size.


Afrika Anoka 85.6%
Dob: January 27th, 2005.
PennHIP:  .37 / .30
the average at that time was .55 making her hips tighter than approximately 100% of the group.
Personality and Character:
Anoka is a true testament to Boerboel character.  She is confident when need be, but settles quickly when assured there is no reason for alarm.  When she was a puppy she used to give hugs, weird but true.  She was very easy to train because she really wanted to be with me.  I remember one evening I went to put her into her crate for the night and she sat down and looked at me as if to say "I am too mature for that now", so she got invited into my bed and that is where she stayed.  She loves people and they love her in return.  Most appreciate her kind nature and deep coloring.  Anoka has feminine physical characteristics and they all reflect to her proper proportions.  She does enjoy a good wrestling match and is often times seen taking down Ajax.  She is a very nurturing mother and passes on her easy nature.  Anoka has a great female head, good chest, nice top line, and even proportions.  We will be trying to add more bone in her progeny while maintaining her form.


Afrika  Vegas  85%
Dob: September 13th, 2005.
PennHip:  .35 / .30
the average at that time was .55 making her hips tighter than approximately 100% of the group.
Personality and Character:
Vegas has an extreme personality and will give 100% in whatever she is doing.  To give an example, she is so aware of her territory that if we are out and I happen to move something or place an object on our property, she immediately notices the difference and puts her tail up, carries her head high, and will trot over to whatever has caused the need for investigation. She still maintains a distance, but will keep closing the gap moving back and forth around the object until there is no need for alarm anymore.  Even in full offensive mode I am able to divert her focus back to me because that is what she lives for.  Vegas will melt in your hands when petting her; she absolutely loves physical attention and will do what you ask of her to get it.  Her pedigree gives the muscling you see on her today.  Vegas does not have the height of the typical Boerboel, but is so explosive in her movements because of her wide structure and dense muscling that it is a joy to watch her athletic ability.  There is a big push on American shores to have a bigger Boerboel, and while I appreciate size it does come at a heavy expense on multiple levels.  Many breeders have tried the “Hail Mary” approach in getting size; luck never gives responsible results.  Vegas will be used in passing on her genetic muscling and dense structure while creating a flatter breed standard top line.


Adrian Jasper.
to be appraised.
Dob:June 19th, 2007.
PennHIP:  .39 /.38
the average at that time is .54 making her hips tighter than approximately 90% of the group.
Personality and Character:
Jasper is from Anoka x Arthur litter and was a standout puppy from the onset.  I was looking to keep the correct structure of the Afrika line while making a small improvement with the athleticism the Dopper line possesses.  The end result is what you see in Jasper's strong top line, thicker bone mass and the blocky head of her father.  She has been a wonderful companion, always by my side on outings and does not shy away from new experiences. Jasper will let others know when she feels threatened...she will stand as tall as she can, raise her tail and hackles and pace around.  She is not one I let around dogs that do not know how to play respectfully, but those that do she is happy to run, jump and wrestle around in the physical manner she loves to do!  I really enjoy her movement also; she has a flashy prance with bounding steps when she wants to show off.  Jasper is full of personality and character, but is most content being in the background around home and very easy to manage.  The goal for Jasper is to reproduce the same athletic stature, but give females a slightly taller build.


Adrian Dallas.
to be appraised.
Dob: May 22nd, 2011.
PennHIP:  .38 / .28
the average at that time is .54 making her hips tighter than approximately 90% of the group.
Personality and character:
This young girl is everything I could ask for as a result of a responsible breed development program.  She has a wonderful head, beautiful musculature through the shoulders, chest, and carrying down to her thighs. She also has an impeccable character!  In fact, all of her litter-mates possess the same easy character. Dallas loves to play with everyone and does not mind pushy dogs.  Things seem to bounce off her because she is so full of life!  We worked hard to solidify improvement in all areas (heath, structure, and character) and she is proof.

AFRIKA LENA. female.

Afrika Lena.
To be appraised.
DOB: 3/22/2013.
PennHIP: to be done.

Personality and Character:                                                                                                                       What can i say about this young lady that would do her justice?  With her and Dallas the future of Adrian Boerboels, one could not ask for anything more!  Great bone and muscle structure that supports a well balanced , athletic frame.  Character that is open, loving, and playful. Intelligence that makes you wonder who is training whom?  When she has fully reached maturity she will do great things here.