Updated February 11th, 2015.


Inquiries for available puppies:  We are no longer making puppies available to the public.  We have always had a rigorous review process to ensure proper placement and I thank those that have given our much loved little ones a great home!  Our decision to step away from the last 14 years of development is the result of much reflection.  The progression of the Boerboel over the last 8 years has been disheartening to say the least by the hands of those entrusted with their care.  We also LIVE with ALL our companions.  They have never been kennel dogs which means once a home has more than three dogs it becomes a zoning issue.  I want to get back to a lifestyle where I do not have to go before a county board to ask for permission to live my life with my companions.


If you are a Boerboel enthusiast and would like to invite an Adrian Boerboel into your home, here are some suggestions to help you get on the wait list:

Step 1. 

  • Make sure you and your family are fully aware of the strengths and drawbacks associated with such a powerful breed.

  • Ask yourself if you are committed for the next 10 or more years to be able to offer worthwhile companionship to your Boerboel.

  • Summit a Questionnaire, all information should be current.  If you do not get a response in 72 hours call me, or send it again as I did not receive it.

  • Once a response is made, I will inform you of any available dogs and answer any questions you may have about the breed or my program while addressing any concerns I may have.

  • If everything is found suitable up to this point, I then ask for current pictures of your housing arrangement, neighborhood, or any other pictures necessary to give me an idea of how a companion will live in its new environment. 

Step 2.

  • Sign, notarize, and return the contract before scheduled departure.

  • Pick-up / Delivery:  I make every effort to meet you half way.  While the dogs do not mind traveling cargo, I ask owners to take a day or two to travel and meet their new friend.


Companions are placed with spay / neuter contract only.  They have been microchiped, and other medical issues addressed.   Some vaccinations have been administered, but research shows our current vaccination program can be detrimental to their immune system.  Closest airports are Minneapolis-St. Paul International ( 120 miles ) and Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport operates SkyWest, a Delta partner ( 40miles ).  I highly encourage and work hard to ensure we meet in person instead of shipping.  If you cannot or are unwilling to make a few days commitment to meet your next best friend, ask yourself again if you really want a companion?


Once your companion arrives be sure to have a leash, towel for any travel clean-ups, water and a couple treats.  Remember to be fair and consistent.  He has completely switched to a new environment and will take some time to adjust.  He was a member of a group where his only role was to learn to be a dog.  Older dogs would rough-house with him and get after him when he did not listen to an adults body language.  He did not have to be the protector because the older dogs were first in line to defend.  He received consistent love and guidance in a calm home from me and visitors.

By having a set schedule and rules everyone must follow, your Boerboel will be able to recognize his role in your family earlier.  Training, socializing, and habituating your companion to your expectations should start immediately and continue throughout his lifetime.  For more training advice, feel free to contact me.


Most breeders usually have their puppies weaned at 6 weeks of age because they are getting ready to be sold at 7 or 8 weeks of age.  I keep mine at least until 3 months of age or 12 weeks.  The advantage of keeping my puppies on mother's milk longer and among their litter mates far outweigh any argument, if you could even make one.  As a pro-active breeder I feel it necessary to give my puppies every opportunity to succeed in life.  Without a solid nutritional foundation in the early developmental months, genetic potential is that much harder to achieve.  When the time comes I initiate a high-quality diet I know will meet the nutritional requirements of a growing puppy; this is not a time for high protein diets!  It is very time consuming and a financially commitment to do this, but I feel it should become the model.   In addition, my puppies receive early neurological stimulation which has demonstrated to improve cardiovascular performance, stronger heart beats and adrenal glands, and given greater tolerances toward stress and disease.  To learn more about what sets Adrian Boeboels apart from all the others, read our Difference page.

People do not drown by falling in water, they drown by staying there.

As a result of making the puppies available at a later age of 3-4 months I am able to direct the health care they receive.  I believe in promotion not population; all puppies are placed on spay /neuter contracts only!  This insures the integrity of the Boerboel is maintained.

Owners get a dog, not a right to breed.

If you truly feel you are capable of making a contribution to further the development of the Boerboel, I offer a Foster Breeding Program where I place potential breeding dogs at no cost to you.  


The first order of business is teaching your puppy his new name if you wish to change it.  I gave them names based on their character, which they have come to know.  To introduce their new name simple get them in an environment with few distractions and call their name once, ie "Thom-as".  Two syllable names are faster to learn, especially when used with one syllable commands.  If your puppy does not look at you when you say his name once, then you should make a sound that gets their attention, be creative.  When he does cue in on you, say "Yes" and give a small treat or affection, both of which the Boerboel craves.


Remember that "Yes" is cueing that your puppy is doing something right.  “Yes” is also a release from whatever he was doing; it is a form of operant conditioning.  Think clicker training without the clicker.

Names are only used to get your companions attention…that is it.  If you want him to leave something alone, do not say his name loud or authoritative, teach him what you want him to do such as “off”. 


In your own personal life, if you find yourself frustrated for little reason, use words with harsh connotation, or think violence is an acceptable solution


If your friend does not understand what you are asking him, ask in a different way until a connection is made.  Dominating practices get you nowhere; the pack mentality is so wrongly idealized that in dogdom you will end up getting bit or punched by me!  It is better to be consistent and fair.  I use electronic collars for my training methods on older puppies for various reasons, but as with any training device if you do not know how to properly use it, it could do more harm than good.  Use your educated judgment as no two dogs are alike and every dog progresses differently.  You are responsible for promoting a rare breed.


Potential breeding dogs are allowed to develop until the age of two before litter decisions are made allowing me to view the dog as a whole for its strengths and weaknesses.  Health, structure and character take time to development.  I spent a lot of time researching pedigrees and waiting for the right combinations before I made my decision on foundation stock, so I have an educated idea of my dogs' breeding potential.


My passions do not end at placement, they are all my dogs and I want to see them grow and give you as much joy as they have given me.  There is no greater fulfillment than knowing you feel the same joys, excitements, concerns, laughter and love for your new friend as I do for all of mine.  Ask yourself..."would I want to be my dog?"...

If the answer is yes, then experience the difference in an Adrian Boerboel.